In a questionable move fueled by something other than good will, those who received their tickets by mail this week were met with surprise and suspicion when the pricing levels and seating charts mysteriously changed AFTER all their money orders were cashed. People that have called me an apologist for the band and/or the promoter will love this article. I just write about things as honestly as I see them and whoever made this decision needs to be reacquainted with the Great Equalizer. I’m a Dead Head first and foremost and try to be a voice for us, not anyone else. The Dead and its affiliates have NEVER given me anything for nothing, I’ve ALWAYS paid my own way.

Prior to being aware of the demand for the Chicago Fare Thee Well Shows, widely published seating charts on The Dead’s site looked like this.


THIS was the chart that all of the people who sent in for Mail Order were sending their money for. THIS is what the deal was when people sent money orders to GDTSTOO.

After the unexpected deluge of requests came in from the mail order, it was announced that the floor was being opened up to all GA as opposed to reserve seating to accommodate more people which seemed like a kind and generous thing to do. The seating charts were then changed to something like this.


Take note, 300 Level seats are still $79.50 or $119.50. The ONLY tickets at the $199.50 price point were the best seats to either side of the stage.

Following some consideration by the organizing parties, and prior to the internet on sale, it was decided that there would be seating behind the stage to accommodate as many people as possible. That seemed like a generous and thoughtful idea as well. At that point the seating chart changed to reflect seating behind the stage.

There’s a few things to take note of as we look at these charts. The 300 level seats, were all priced at either $79.50 or $119.50.

Here’s where the Switcheroo takes place! People receiving Mail Order tickets this week received 300 level tickets that were priced at $199.50. See evidence here:


Not only that, 300 Level seats that were released on TicketMaster this morning were all priced at $199.50. That my friends is a real unethical, unkind, unrighteous maneuver. Whether it’s illegal, I’m not certain as I haven’t read through anything that may state that prices are subject to change without notice. What I do know, is it’s a move that stinks of greed and completely goes against everything that the band and its organization has provided throughout the years. It’s a move that Bill Graham NEVER would have made. This event misses him almost as much as it misses Garcia. Was there not enough money coming in already? This is where Shapiro goes from Genius to Jackass overnight. Is there anyone other than him that could be responsible??? I don’t think so… Loose with the truth, Peter it’s your fire… Baby I hope you don’t get burned…

We’re not a bunch of dumb, stoned kids anymore… It was completely, totally and unequivocally the WRONG thing to do. Given the situation, would fans decline their tickets or ask for a refund if they were told about pricing changes? Probably not if we’re being honest… Was this a poor decision by the leadership? It absolutely was. I don’t think the guys that make the music have anything to do with decisions like this so I absolutely don’t hold them accountable but someone should be held accountable. I probably won’t make any new friends with this post, but it’s the truth…

Dead To The Core,
Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)

196 thoughts on “Mail Order Pricing Switcharoo Turns Shapiro From Genius To Jackass Overnight

  1. LDK

    Exactly what I posted in response to the other thread.
    The lawsuit should name Shapiro, Madison House, AEG, GDTSTOO, Weir, Lesh, Kreutzmann and Hart.
    You need the last four for the publicity. GRATEFUL DEAD SUED BY FANS puts a lot more pressure on them to make this right than GRATEFUL DEAD PROMOTER SUED BY FANS.

    1. Bill Batson

      The entire premise of this article is based on a prank. The second seating chart posted here was never officially released. It was one of several fakes being passed around the internet. It began circulating around the end of January. TicketMaster did not reveal the revised seating chart until February 25. Some more research would have indicated that this seating chart was invalid.

      1. gratefuldean Post author

        Bill, it’s cute that you’re trying to play detective but the fact of the matter is there were NO seating charts that had 300 Level Seats at $199.50. When EVERYONE sent in their money, ALL 300 Level Seats were either $79.50 or $119.50. When Mail Orders arrived this week, 300 Level tickets were $199.50.

          1. RB

            And those second prices are a whole 4 dollars higher than the first ones!!

            Which, from what I remember, is due to a charity addition or something added on to each ticket.

          2. Tennessee Jed

            No RB, not the $4 add-ons. Please don’t try and play gotcha, I know what I’m talking about with Santa Clara.

            Original: See Section 247, 248, and 249. Also see the front sections in the 400 sections. Tickets went up $40-$50 dollars after orders were placed.


            Post-Sale, after they overcharged some unlucky people, they released this, which had those sections with new colors and higher prices:


        1. Row

          This whole seating thing is ridiculous! Everything should have been General admission from the beginning . Charge everyone the same price and it’s first come first serve on seating. Real Hippies and Fans no how to act about seating. We dont need no Upper class people getting better seats than anyone else cause they have more money. Make everything equal and fair for everybody. If it’s not about the money .. just charge everyone the same price 120.00 G.A.

          1. Mandy

            You’re right. GA all the way, We DO NOT NEED seat attendants telling us where we can and can’t go or sit.

          2. Saint Stephen

            GA at Soldier field is the dumbest suggestion anyone has ever made. i’ve been to plenty of show where i’ve experienced countless “hippies” that have no freaking clue how to act.

          3. conniesz

            Actually it is my experience that at a large stadium we (that is deadheads in general) do in fact need seat monitors or it gets really ugly really fast. yes, the vast majority of deadheads are decent people but there are way too many drunk frat-boy types who ruin the experience for everyone else when given carte blanch to sit wherever they choose (and push and shove and puke on people).

            I am not “upper class” by a long shot but I will pay extra for a better experience. Smaller venues like Red Rocks work just great with GA but something like an NFL stadium is just too big.

  2. Mike

    A friend of mine got those 300 level seats and he was pissed when he first saw them. Then he found out his seats are VIP club level and is happier then all get out.

  3. Michael Kiernan


    Be very surprised if the band played any part in this..
    Money = root of all evil

  4. Erik

    You are absolutely right.

    If you can’t beat the scalpers, become the scalpers. Smh

  5. Anonymous

    Section 332 149.50 I think. 163.35 with ticketmaster fees.

    I believe the entire 100 section was 199.50.

    What we don’t know is how costs increased by the increase of 20,000 per night or how many 199.50 & 149.50 seats were on the floor and how many GA’s they sold for 99.50 in their place.

    Doesn’t look Kosher to me. On the other hand people that mailed in for 199.50 tickets shouldn’t have been penalized with no seats because of all the floor seats disappearing. They could have issued rebate checks with the tickets but people would have objected to that also. I guess the question is how many people that ordered less expensive tickets or the cheap seats had their orders filled.

    The one thing that they should absolutely do is what Phish does and give free MP3 downloads to every ticket holder.

    1. Sean Burns

      This one needs to be straightened out – it would be nice if folks stepped up and did the right thing in time to spin the gigs and discussion in the proper direction- as in towards the music. Backroom conference boys (and girls) quick…………….

    2. CA

      A free MP3 download would be nice, but I rather have back $120/ticket (x 5) that we are being over charged. Better yet, I rather have the seats that I originally purchased. Opening up seats behind the stage means super tight security, because how many Deadheads stay in their assigned seats throughout the entire concert? We are thrilled to be going, but honestly, I would not have forked out the $$$$ for airfare and hotel had I known we would be sitting in far back, nose-bleed section. We would have been just as happy watching the simulcast at our local club with friends.

      We’ll be requesting a refund as soon as we return home. Just curious — has anyone actually gotten a ticket refund from the Dead? I sent away for tickets for five shows in the 80’s, but received only three. Got postcards, but never got my $12 refund. $6 tickets — those were the days.

  6. Joel

    I generally don’t pay much attention to the seating in the stands, as I have never been off the ground for a show (well, twice, but it was by choice and I had my reasons). I’m pretty sure, however, that the GA Field, which was originally intended to have seats at $199.50, still remained at the $199.50 price even after changing to GA. The “complaints” at the time were double sided; people were happy that more floor space was opening up and that we had a better chance of getting those tickets, and the flip-side being that they were keeping them at the same price as the seats were to be. They were making more money by fitting more people in the same space.

    I know people that received a refund along with their tickets. Although they were disappointed about the crappy 400 level seats that they got (which should have all gone to Ticketmaster), they were happy that they didn’t spend silly money for them. What Ticketmaster did today was unfair. I was fortunate and was able to score a GA field for one night (nothing for any of the others), and still paid a little more than it should have cost…only because of the fees. I saw many others complaining how they paid more then I did for 300 level seats. That is just wrong.

    1. Rob Winsall

      Absolutely confirm this post. The GA Field were always $199.50. They replaced the reserved seating that was there for $199.50 and made it GA Field at the same price but probably many more tickets. Dean, get your facts straight. There are rampant erroneous rumors already and I just cannot believe your memory is so bad that you cannot remember 2-3 months ago. Quit spinning the facts to support your attention seeking story.

        1. Mary

          There is also the issue with the 100s. The original mail order chart showed the $199.50 tickets as the field seats (now GA) and the 100s closer to the stage. I received section 128, which is in the back corner, for the $199.50, though they were originally priced at $149.50.

  7. Joshua Koza

    Spot on. I mailed in for the $199.50 tickets for my wife and some of our friends. We were elated to hear that we were going to be receiving tickets. Received them yesterday to have 1 night in the 200 level and 2 nights in the 300 level. According to my math (admittedly shaky at best…Art teacher), we were overcharged to the tune of approximately $1500.00. So I emailed GDTSTOO (insert painfully overdramatized eye roll here). Their response was to deny those seating charts (I had attached the original) and tell me that they empathized with me and had been crying about it for a week. They did, however, offer me a full refund. We, of course, did NOT take that offer.

    Look, we are thrilled to be going to these shows and once we cross the Cook County line in a little less than a month, it’ll be all smiles, but this is just about as underhanded and crooked as you can get. I’ve made it a point to stay above all of the complaining and negativity up until now. I mean, they are effectively scalping their own tickets!

    Anyway, I think in honor of the way things have been handled, I’m going to go cash out my savings account and throw it into a bonfire while dancing naked like a lunatic on my front lawn. Yeah…that’s a reasonable response.

    1. Yelli

      I fully remember seeing that first seating chart on their site. It would be a flat out lie to say they were not. I put in for 95.50 (79.00) mail order and received tickets in the upper 400. I was incredibly disappointed. I probably would have paid the extra to be closer had I known.

      1. Jerry in Chicago

        We put in for $79 seats, and got them just on the outer part of the original $79 section. I’m happy with our seats. I realize they didn’t have tons of good seats. I think they did us solid, and we’re thrilled to be going.

        Now, let’s just hope they invest profits in a proper sound system.

      2. bill yost

        Yelli, those upper 400 seats were the cheapest (and worst) seats in the house. They were priced at 59.50 on the original chart and weren’t even available to folks who did mail order. All of my tickets ended up being the 79.00 dollar tickets like yours, but we ended up in the upper 400 level too. (row 35 out of 37 up near the rim) I’m very upset about this because I didn’t order 59.00 nosebleeds near the top rim of the stadium. 79.00 tickets were supposed to be 3rd level according to the original chart.
        I’m not in a big hurry, but when I have the time I’m going to e-mail the powers that be and ask for a refund for the difference in price for each ticket for each night.

  8. lilybee

    I ordered one for each night from mail order. They cashed my three $95 money orders and sent me seats in the 400s. That doesn’t seem right.

    1. travis

      I got 400 level seats for $95.50 that should have been $59.00. Am i happy I’m going? Yes…but I’ll need a sherpa and an oxygen tank to get to my seats and binoculars to really enjoy my seats.

    2. chris

      same here. Thought ALL mail orders…..were going to be GA PIT. They claim to have fill 60 in tickets via mail order. Ok great. forget the pricing…..that is a crime in itself…..but to have been assured 20k tickets per night were released from GDTS, and then to be advised WE get the floor……to later receive my tickets…..section 429, 436, 429…the FURTHEST POINT FROM STAGE. Is THAT why I mail ordered? Hell no.

      1. August West

        I too mailed in at the $95.50 price but received the $79 tics and all three nights in the upper 400s. I’m definitely disappointed but still grateful I received mail order tickets. No way will I be sending in my commemorative tickets stubs for a refund. “Look out look out the Candyman, here he comes and he’s gone again….” We were warned long ago.

  9. Tennessee Jed

    This happened in Santa Clara too. A “revised” seating chart” that was released AFTER the Santa Clara ticket sale occurred. This resulted in people being overcharged for their tickets according to the seating chart that accompanied the ticket sale. When they requested that the price be adjusted to match the chart, they were told that the price they were charged reflected the “revised” chart. This is shameless. I was overcharged by around $50 per ticket (my seats are in section 248). Someone needs to hold them accountable. Heck, a lawsuit wouldn’t be out of the question.

    Original: See Section 247, 248, and 249. Also see the front sections in the 400 sections.

    Post-Sale, after they overcharged some unlucky people, the released this, which had those sections with new colors and higher prices:

        1. Tennessee Jed

          Yeah, I know. I’m telling you this happened at both venues. And trying to get the word out. Thanks for bringing attention to this.

          1. Connected1

            So from these threads, I get the impression that the Santa Clara ticketing issues are just going to roll over.
            I must be the only one who didn’t see any mention nor seating charts with non-view seats behind the stage, being an option to receive through the lottery.
            I have the original post on the lottery page breaking down the pricing options, and see no mention.
            Where did the rest of you see those behind the stage sections included?

            Grateful Dean thinks there’s no refund offers for Santa Clara fans, only Chicago.

          2. tele-mon

            I complained about being sent 8 tickets that all say “NO VIEW OF STAGE”, and they actually refunded my purchase (well, most of it, less the shipping and handling). I’m bummed I’m not going to Santa Clara, but glad I’m not eating $650 worth of no-view tickets. Quite surprised, too.

          3. Glowball Piece

            Please share where exactly you reached someone and how did you activate a refund for Santa Clara. I’ve been emailing for several weeks to the ticket email, GDTSTOO, and Elvis, but I only get autoresponses that say, “we’re too busy” (losing our minds), etc.

            I’ve tried posting on GDTSTOO Facebook page, but they won’t let it post. I’ve tried other Facebook pages, but it’s just other fans reading them.

            It’s cutting it close. You’re the only person I’ve heard of getting a response for Santa Clara refunds. Please share how.

  10. Tedd

    Did the people who received these higher priced tickets get a bill or was their credit card charged? I can’t help but wonder if the tickets were already printed when the chart changed.

    1. Tedd

      I realized my mistake, I got it backwards.

      Hindsight is always 20/20, but imho this is what Mr. Shapiro should have done/realized.
      1) He and GDTS TOO and probably Ticketbastards got together and came up with the original chart.
      2) When he saw the demand, he should have opened behind the stage seating and that’s it. He and everybody else were legally committed to the seating chart used to sell the tickets.

      That’s my two cents.

  11. DC

    They also changed some of the 400 level seats at SC to $119 seats that were originally $79. When I saw that I had received these after ordering best available this was the response I got back from Tickets today:


    Please note that seating charts reflect the venue’s current layout and are subject to change per show.
    The venue’s updated seating chart can be found at

    Section 403 has P3 level seats in it, as the front of the section is still considered P3.

    Thank you,
    Ticketing Customer Service Department

    SO….since they didn’t have enough $119 tickets, they just created more out of what were $79 tickets. So now there are folks sitting in section 403 in $79 tickets and folks sitting one row in front of them in $119 tickets. Bill Graham is rolling over in his grave.

  12. Duggles Foust

    This may or may not be a legal issue. I do not know the laws, however, this IS a kindness issue, this IS an issue of reputation, and certainly this IS an issue of respect. Respect for the fans and the loss of respect by the fans. We will see how all of this plays out but this whole process of ticketing has been a cluster fuck. ~ Duggles

  13. Shawn

    How is something like this ok with the band. Is this the taste they want to leave in the mouths of the “greatest fans in rock”. Shapiro should be ashamed. All involves should be ashamed. There is no way this escaped the band. I only mail ordered for two price categories $215 which was lower level or floor. I was prepare to pay what it took to be there. I can’t believe the bait and switch. It actually repulsed me. How many ways van greed kill a joyous occasion.
    Let’s hope that they make this right and don’t take the money and run. Dean keep up the good work.

  14. Michael

    Yes it was a douche move.


    As you said no one would say no thanks if they told us this months ago. As a matter of fact they purposely timed it like this. Imagine the months of outrage wondering “WHAT” we were going to get. So tell them as late as possible. I know its wrong but why harbor it?

    Carrying this negative energy I will not do. Talk of lawyers?

    Come on. this will be over in a hot minute if you want it too. I love your stuff Dean Always have but I feel this might just rile the peeps up more. An angry vibe on your page. Ooh doesn’t feel like the normal Dean.

    Now start writing some comedy damn it!


    1. gratefuldean Post author

      I appreciate it Yogi. I’m definitely one to call it as I see it. This had to be mentioned by somebody. It happened to be me…

      Now, a Priest and 2 Hookers walk into a bar…

      1. Michael

        Way to go brother. You probably were the best one to do this someone else would have been much harsher. Thanks man.

      2. CA

        We would have said no thanks. Nosebleed seats at the far end of the stadium simply are not worth all of the hassle and added cost of airfare, hotels and incidentals. Longtime Deadheads, here… still live and love the music. We will make the best of a bad situation, with the love of music in our hearts. But when it is done and over, we will request refunds and consider class action.

  15. Randall

    Don’t think there was any trickery for Santa Clara. Unless I am missing something, the only difference in the the two charts is $4 for each ticket at each price tier. This was an additional fee that was revealed at the outset. Second chart merely includes it.

  16. DC

    The trickery was turning part of the P4 tickets into P3s after the original seating chart. Look at section 403.

  17. Tennessee Jed

    You’re mistaken. Looks at sections 247, 248, and 249. All changed color. Believe me, I know, as these were the $200 seats I got stuck with. And, look at the front sections of 401 through 410. All had the prices raised. My friend got stuck with those. It is a bait-and-switch. When we committed our $$, the chart was different.

  18. DC

    again, they gave folks who ordered nothing worse than $119 tickets, $79 tickets and just changed the section. 403 were not $119 tickets when the original seating chart and onsale happened. When we got our confirms there were a number of us who were surprised that we were sitting in the 400s in $119 seats and that several of the rows were re-classified. It is obvious they didn’t have enough tix for those who specified this config and so they created more $119 seats.

  19. LDK

    The original seating chart is still on the website if you know how to access it. I have the URL at home; will post it later. A tiny fraction of the stands were $199.50.

      1. Rob Winsall

        The switch with the upper sections is truly bogus. That said, you misrepresented the price of GA FIELD. The PIT tix were the only tix ever offered for mail order at $99.50. When the seating behind the soundboard was changed from seats to GA, the price was not changed. It was always $199.50. The only thing that changed is they added more capacity.

        1. gratefuldean Post author

          I think you may be correct, This issue is with 300 level seating. I’ve been informed that changes were made in 400 Level Pricing as well.

  20. Bill

    I was concerned when I got my upper 200 level Levi’s tickets that they may be playing games with the price levels. I actually emailed Elvis to see if he heard they were doing this with the Chicago tickets. GDTSTOO hadn’t gotten tickets yet, and he couldn’t promise, but assured me it was unlikely we would be getting 300 level tickets…… GDTSTOO only got what Shapiro gave them. Not their fault.

  21. Bill

    Another question, did the people who mail ordered pit tickets get pit tickets? Or are they in the 400s?

    1. jen garcia

      i stupidly did what gdts always suggests and had always worked
      2 money orders and asked for either pit or reserved
      all 3 nights nosebleeds in the back
      w/3 $20 money orders
      at least i have a tix
      3 weeks to SC!!!

    2. John Munson

      I mail ordered on the first day of allowed mail order (Jan 20 I believe) from Chicago and included money orders for the cheapest 79 seats (2 for each night) and then added additional money orders for the 99 dollar GA PIT seats. Well, the tickets came today and they are all 6 (2 for each night) in the GA PIT! I am thrilled! I just got lucky I guess, but I did rack up 300 plus lives shows from 1976 to 1995, so I guess why not me? 🙂

      1. Duggles Foust

        Way to go John. I have a couple of ether friends who got pit as well. You are money.

  22. John Munson

    I mail ordered on the first day of allowed mail order (Jan 20 I believe) from Chicago and included money orders for the cheapest 79 seats (2 for each night) and then added additional money orders for the 99 dollar GA PIT seats. Well, the tickets came today and they are all 6 (2 for each night) in the GA PIT! I am thrilled! I just got lucky I guess, but I did rack up 300 plus lives shows from 1976 to 1995, so I guess why not me? 🙂

    1. gratefuldean Post author

      Great news John! You might be the first person I’ve heard that from and I’m happy for you!!! It’s gonna be an AMAZING weekend!

  23. Marty

    All in all, truth be told (insert your own cliche here), we all would have paid whatever they posted. The problem is that people’s expectations exceeded the reality. I did not get my mail order request (first time ever) and when Ticketmaster went on sale, I was “lucky” to receive my behind the stage no view 3 day passes for $195. Truth is I used to tape shows and be in front but my eyes were closed and I danced. I was there for the music. I figure I should have pretty decent sound behind stage with speakers facing that direction and perhaps a video screen (what am I thinking?). But I know I will have a real good time seeing old friends from around the country and being at a great party before, during and after. At 50 years old (my age), I can’t ask for a better time. Looking forward to seeing yall in a positive light. Nothing left to do but smile, smile, SMILE!!!

    1. Len Silvestri

      This is the original chart. If I remember correctly the 199 tix had to be specified reserved or floor. I picked reserved and am hoping I got the 100 level shown. If not I will be upset. Especially since my daughter and her husband got a package with seats in 107. Maybe I can trade a night with a slight guilt trip laud their way? Update to follow when tickets received.

  24. Grammar Goddess (Melian)

    I’m out — purely for important personal reasons that need attention.

    W&B, plus we don’t have jobs.

    1. Kaleidoscopeeyes

      Same as us but didn’t try…felt this vibe from the start and didn’t trust bringing my children ( so sad that I have doubt)… This is not how I remember…if heads are treated badly and arguing something is wrong somewhere…but this is disgusting…where did the GA’s go???

  25. John Munson

    Thanks Dean! Now I just have to figure out how I can afford to fly back to Chicago from where I live here in Austria! My mom did all the mail ordering for me at age 82 from Chicago, bless her soul!
    Dean, please research whether the dead will have a backdrop blocking the view of the stage from behind the band or not. If the band are thinking wisely, they will leave it open so all those behind the stage can still see the band! Those might be the best seats in the house, if there is nothing hung to block people’s view from behind. The only thing the band should hang behind and on the sides of the stage are speakers and nothing else!

  26. jingle

    if these people wrote best avalible on there mail orders ,even if the prices changed on the charter i dont belive a law suit would hold up in court,,,

    1. SpreadHead

      When I purchased money orders for my chance to ‘win’ mail order tickets, I was given three price levels, none of which was the fourth level. When I pay for 3rd level and am given 4th level that cost almost half what I paid, I have every right to be pissed and demand an explanation. Bait and switch!

  27. Michael kiernan

    Agree.. Maybe I was rushed to judgement.. Worst part for me is giving the trolls more dirt to run with.. I refuse to get on the bashing wagon, and want this to continue the magical event it was designed to be.. Peace,love,grateful dead.

  28. SpreadHead

    Best available was for best available of the three price levels that mail order offered, 400 were not advertised as being an option during mail order, this is criminal what they are doing to the loyal ‘mail order’ fans!

  29. steer

    the was no gdtstoo mail order for santa clara.
    these comments are blending two very different ticketing processes.
    please, be clear as to which venue you are referring.
    thank you.

  30. John Kettler

    @ John Munson…I have had the pleasure of working for a couple conglomerations of the band over the years. I am sorry to say that it is unlikely the band will perform ‘in the round’. The likely best case for obstructed view is a black mesh netting behind the band. The guys each have their own tech with their own “world” behind them. For example, Robby Taylor sits in a lawn chair in Phil’s bass world directly behind Phil. They have workstations to change guitar strings and keep spare guitars, drum heads, etc. They have performed this way for decades. If there is no black scrim covering the back of the stage, the view will be of cases and techs. You might get a couple nice sneak peeks of the next guest artist strapping on his guitar though. 🙂 No worries, there will be no bad seats at this show at any price, and there will be video screens and side fill speakers for obstructed view seats.

  31. Milty

    This is bullshit!!! I got sec 249 for Santa Clara tix in the lottery. They were clearly color-coded in the pinkish/red color@ $149.50. I got charged $199.50 and emailed them immediately saying that I’ve been overcharged $50/ ticket! Their reply after 2 weeks, and needing to send my “complaint” again, YOU ARE WRONG AND WE WE ARE RIGHT! Please see REVISED Grateful Dead Pricing Chart. We having conveniently changed the color of YOUR SECTION TO GOLD! The price is now $199.50. Amazing how they magically did that! Sections 247,248,249 don’t even exist on Levi’s normal seating chart! They are creating these sections out of what???! I’m guessing some bleachers that they rent for the weekend! A $199.50 seat, with no back rest??? We will see…?
    Bottom line is, all this changing of prices is complete BULLSHIT! He should hire bodyguards for the rest of his life, he’ll definitely be able to afford it… The headlines should read:
    This is just WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  32. Reality

    Bill Graham was no Mr. Nice Guy like some people try to make out. He was a hard man who was very much primarily money focused, even if he did enjoy the music. He did a lot of things that were not at all friendly.

    The writer may think most deadheads are not still young and silly, to paraphrase him, but a quick glance at most deadhead facebook groups should dispel that unfounded notion pretty quickly. To be honest, I find it sad and disappointing how most heads have become burn-outs who can barely articulate their stereotypical thoughts. They’ve fallen for the establishment liberal narrative unquestioningly and naively. There don’t seem to be many who actually gained a lot of wisdom from all of those years on the road. But that would be because they were running to escape reality in a debauched haze rather than embarking on a quest to gain wisdom. I say this after many years of witnessing over doses, glorification of junkie mentality, rip-offs, narcs, those who don’t pay their debts, and those who talk a lot about family but are never there for their so called family.

    Is it any wonder that the band and its promoters seem to be mirroring the deadhead scene, or is it vice-versa? Since Jerry died it’s been all downhill…

    1. Rob Winsall

      It was going downhill for quite awhile before Jerry died. That is why Chicago was going to be so joyous. A chance to atone and mourn and bury the dead. Peter Shapiro has instead taken even that from us by heaping more skeletons into the closet.

  33. bill yost

    when we received our tickets yesterday we got the 79.50 ones for all three nights, but our seats are on the FOURTH level, which was supposed to be 59.00. According to the chart we should be on the THIRD level, so those who paid 199.00 and got third level tix aren’t the only ones who feel screwed…

  34. bill yost

    Also, when we did mail order we were given three price levels: 79,149, and 199. The fourth level seats where are seats are for all three nights were priced at 59 and we couldn’t have ordered those any way as they were not offered. So, we’ve paid 79 for for the 59 dollar fourth level nosebleed seats, which I consider to be the worst seats in the whole place.

  35. Andrew

    Thanks Dean for all you’ve done! 400 level happened to us as well! This should not just be forgiven and forgotten. We are all exited about going, but the fact remains that there is a liar and thief among the orchestrators of these events, and this should not EVER be tolerated. I will never consider Shapiro a fan of the music and will never again support anything that is associated with him.

  36. TDub

    I agree, the posted seating chart for mail order should represent the seats received based on price point. I was shocked to see $199 tickets in section 314. I love the band and love the scene but we’re not talking about the difference in $39 pavilion seat vs a $29 GA Lawn seat anymore. When I ponied up 200 bills to be down in the guts with the real mail order family, that’s what I expected.

    I think the biggest disappointment is the TRUST I had for our scene, a TRUST that was still alive in my heart after 20 years has been broken.

    I haven’t received my mail order yet, but I will be sure to post my results here.

  37. Trip

    Two negatives never make a positive, unless it’s a math problem, but talking with emotion, it’s just a hate builder. Lets see how everything shakes out before we think the worst, although free country so sorry say what you like, only reason i remain hopeful is robert hunter is the best human being on this planet. He’s a fair guy. It will work out, and in the end guess it doesn’t matter anyway….unless your pits are 400’s now doh…sorry. I went with the 80 buck 5 show PPV, and have been bombarded my MLB marketing. No big deal as long as the webcasts sound and look decent. Poor naive’ Shapiro, Dead Heads are not whom you want to piss off, as they have long memories, just ask their 57th show setlist :<). Best throw down to refunds and/or Childrens charities, but just one man opinion. One love all, if you do feel you were shorted money, my best advice is a calm nicely written letter to the powers that be at the Dead will make you whole in terms of money, might have to wait, but save locations being switched, money is an easy thing to refund if you run an honest business. Good luck everyone, try not to let it bum you out, but yah it is tough, just know you are loved by your friends and family, and that trumps all.

  38. Billay

    All Shipiro had to do was send an email out to all of us getting mail order tickets – and let us know we may not be getting exactly what we signed up for and could cancel their order. How many of us would have cancelled?… (there’s always one).
    I haven’t received tickets yet but now I’m prepared. Wish the dickhead had sent the email so I could have the elusion of being able to cancel.

  39. kurtis st.clair

    hi- all i know is that i am not rich. 79$ seats(95.50 with fees) 1 each night for soldiers field is all i could afford to order# dead of winter is slow season in the trades… i got the e-mail on 2/25 11pm that order # 359 – i will be getting tickets. yesterday i got my mail order seats in the lower rows of the 433/434/435 sections….just a bit higher up from where i sat for the 6/21/91 single date show. i may be breaking rank here- but i am very grateful( no pun intended) to even have had my mail order filled. i just have to say that it is a privilage to have the chance to participate in history…

  40. Jerry in Chicago

    Don’t get pulled down by the promoter, expectations, or distractions. If you’re in, you’re in. Those with $200 seats will have great views. Those with $79 seats will have views, seats, and didn’t pay thru the nose. Our $79 seats are just barely where they were supposed to be. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

  41. Ellen

    GA floors were NEVER $99.50 at soldier or levis. Why they are $100 more than the closer GA Pit tickets, I don’t understand, but they were always priced at $199.50.

    1. gratefuldean Post author

      The Pit was priced at 99.50 when mail order were sent in for Soldier Field. Originally, the rest of the floor was reserved seating at $199.50. Initially I found it strange that the Pit, being closest, was cheaper than the seats behind it.

  42. Dan

    Paid 99.50 for field/GA- didn’t want pit for $199, nor beyond level one for $59. I ended up in the 400’s! Paid the second highest tier, ended- with the cheapest tier. Was so grateful to win mail order lottery #192- just knew that I won a great spot for sound and sight. Instead, I’m row 28,- section 428- great view and sound- of the airport! Very sad, CID Entertainment conducts business as such… Even sadder, this is how I get to see the boys go out! Family and friends-will make this trip epic, and when the boys retire- so does my dealings w CID Entertainment! Just cancelled Phish Labor Day. No Time To Hate!

  43. DL3

    I was able to score two tickets to the Friday show during the re-release on Friday morning. I paid the $196 price for seats in section FLOOR 20. Does anyone know why it’s not labeled FLOOR GA? If it’s going to be all GA why do mine have a section? Just feel like I’m going to get hosed somehow after ready everyone’s comments.

  44. Tom

    Hey, I’ve been following tickets for the Chicago shows since notices and resales started. What I see is that due to demand all GAField tickets went to Bears season ticket holders and ticketmaster. GDTSTOO sold seats for $95.50 reserved seating somewhere in the stadium with a view of the stage, $115.50 GA Pit tickets to real deadheads, mail order only, and permimum reserved seats at $215.50 for the bowl 100 sections, hopefully really close to the stage. Have you noticed that sections 106, 142, and 141 are not listed in any resale sites? How the number of premimum seats that GDTSTOO sold and their location has yet to be defined. If you notice people are stating that their $199 tickets are in the 300 section, not their $215.50 tickets. Also, listed tickets on resale are all starting from the top and appear to be working down. So if you don’t have your tickets yet good news you’re getting closer to the stage. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend of friends and music and that you enjoy the
    city of Chicago as well!

  45. JJ

    Hey dean, my apologies for asking about the link mentioning the Chicago show were all GA. I see now that was a spoof site. I should have looked more carefully. I have GDTS Too tickets for all three nights at the $200 price point that haven’t arrived yet and after reading your post I’m a little concerned the seats won’t be very good. My very first concert was the Grateful Dead through their ticket service. 10th row center at Richfield coliseum September 1993. Thanks for all the updates. Cheers.

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  48. Pingback: Suspicious Deadheads threaten to sue as Grateful Dead promoter tries to fit more fans into farewell concerts - Magng

  49. Jason

    I just read the article in the Washington Post. It doesn’t look like you did your homework and it doesn’t look like you got their side of the story before you decided to put out this Hit piece.

    There is obviously much more to the story that you don’t know. You made some pretty bold assumption is in your blog.

    With all of your concert promoting experience I wonder if you could’ve done a better job orchestrating this one .
    And your second seating chart never existed.

  50. Jeff

    Dean – Have you heard of anyone getting the $199 seats GDTSTOO originally advertised (i.e. Floor or 100s)? From what I can see, many have received 400’s who requested them, many have received $400’s who chose “ANY” and have received a refund check and some have received Level 300 for the $199. I think that only the last one is an issue as that was never part of the original offering. What I have not heard is anyone saying, “I got my premium seats for $199 ($215)”. Either GDTSTOO has not started shipping those seats or GDTSTOO doesn’t have any.

    Also, the Washington Post article makes little sense as it talks about $149 tickets. If I remember correctly, that was never part of the GDTSTOO offering, they only showed them on the seating chart.

    I patiently await receipt of my tickets and will be happy to be at the shows (hopefully with the nicer seats).

    1. Tom

      Hey just got my $215.50 seats from GDTSTOO, or should I say Ticketmaster. Since getting my congratulations email, finding out that all my money orders had been cashed, waiting to see what great seats I’ll get, reality comes as a great disappointment. Ticket I got are in sections 117, 224, and 128. Two corner end zones across the stadium and one in the second level. I really thought that GDTSTOO had some added value to their process of selecting and distributing seats. How can they select so many premimum seats requests and not have enough seats to match up? I’m happy to be going to the shows but really depressed that I got seats that could have been purchased over the phone. I was expecting so much more.

  51. Milty

    Parking for Santa Clara was advertised at $60 per day. Today on ticketbastard,,,$74!! Plus $4.25 for processing fees=$78.25.
    Just pure lies, pure lies.

  52. Tom Penn

    I didn’t get tickets, and I was one of those who didn’t find out I didn’t get tickets until weeks after I didn’t get tickets through Ticketmaster. I was pissed for far too long. I love the boys, I miss the shit out of Jerry and Brent, and I do love Trey and I think he is going to be great, but these shows have a taint on them. They have a smell that won’t go away. Not with five perfectly played flawless shows, not even with a Sugar Mag/Uncle Johns/Ripple encore on the last night will they remove the stench.

  53. Jeff Briggs

    Chicago!-I am in the pit , but knew I was because i had checked my money orders and they were ALL cashed.
    Mail ordered
    Sent in 2 @ 95.50 plus 2@$20 upgrade to pit to Saturday July 4
    [email protected] plus 3@$20 upgrade to pit , Sunday, July 5
    was not surprised because all money orders cashed, although i didn’t know for sure what days I had because I put any. but knew it was 5 pit tix.
    understand why people are upset, (especially those who only went for most expensive seats) but you probably could have figured it out like I did. If the 20 dollar upgrades hadn’t been cashed I would have been expecting seats in the 300-400 area.
    I am very lucky
    been mail ordering since it started ( think I mail ordered the Boston Music hall 06/12/76 first one but it may have been just after)
    but this was still all luck. 3 of my best buddies long time heads got shut out.
    I am not in friday but hope to see some of you at NRPS!
    safe travels everyone!

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  55. Sara

    Some of those $199 tickets may be in the “United Club” area which is has wide, cushy seats and bars, restaurants, and decent bathrooms in the club area behind the seats. People should check to see if their tickets are in sections 301-317 (or 202-216).

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  57. Hank

    Dude – whatever. The 400’s are where the F’ing part-ay is gonna be at. Don’t believe me, sell your ticket for $400 and me and the dude you sold it to are gonna smoke a fatty to that…

  58. Joe

    What saddens me is that the band has been taken advantage of by “businessmen”…AGAIN. And this time it’s the most loyal fan base in rock & roll who are taking it in the shorts. Just add Shapiro’s name to the other cons that have fleeced them over the years. Lenny Hart and Ron Rakow are the first to come to my mind.

    I hate to say it, but the band does need to take on some of the blame for this. Other bands have been able to partner with legitimate promoters (other than Bill Graham, who himself was not always on the up-and-up). But the Dead, with their distaste to have to deal with the business side of, well, their business, allow themselves to get screwed.

  59. bill yost

    I just read the letter from the promoters and I’m very pleased with the partial refund offer.

    1. Rob

      Thanks for everyone’s thoughts…’s what I don’t understand. The folks have had plenty of time and email addresses to tell those of us who purchased from GDTSTOO that there was an issue in the seating and the resulting change. Why let us find this and then it bubble up on the web?

      Secondly, we sent our money in to get the commemorative ticket design. So now we have to send this ticket back in to get the difference in seating. My guess is the promoter is playing the odds we don’t send them back in? Am I understanding the process correctly?

      At least with scalpers you know what you get. Those of you say…at least I am in the show…well, I’m a fan of priniciple and that’s what I thought this band stood for. Maybe the Dead should have gone with one the larger promoters who have experience in running shows. Sorry Peter…..keep wiggling out of the mistakes. Do what’s right. Send us the refund in advance. Don’t put the owness on us.

  60. TDub

    Couldn’t agree more but I think the fix was in from the start. Someone (Pete) saw $$, kept it hush and most likely intimidated the good folks at GDTSTOO.
    In hind sight, Elvis’s msg about “we have no control over the tickets we were given” spoke volumes.
    It really pisses me of the way Shapiro is acting like he is doing us a solid, like the guy who drops your ID in the mail after he stole your wallet.
    I’m sure the spread sheet has already been printed of the list of mail order frauds they were master mind by the promoter.
    Maybe that’s the answer. MAIL ORDER FRAUD!

    Pete’s just another poser.

  61. Dead in Cali

    Here’s a letter I’m adding to the pile of valid complaints that Shapiro has generated…

    Dear Peter Shapiro and the members of the Dead,

    I have loved the Dead for decades, and have happily spent many thousands of dollars to enjoy the band’s art. However, the handling of the ticket sales for the Santa Clara Fare Thee Well shows is far below the standards that I have experienced from the Dead organization in the past.

    1. I paid 199.50 (plus fees) for my Sunday night tickets (Section 249). Tickets in the same area are now going for 149.50 (plus fees) on Ticketmaster. Also, my section is listed as 149.50 on the Levi’s Stadium site.

    2. You listed tickets for the lottery at 199.99 plus fees. You did not disclose the price of the fees. Only when I received the email stating that I will be getting tickets and that my credit card has been charged did you disclose the fees of an excessive $28.15 per ticket (The total of the fees for my tickets is over $200).

    3. My Saturday night tickets were listed as “obstructed view” (Section 127). Not ideal, but not unheard of either. Now that I have received my printed tickets, they state “No view of the stage”. What person in their right mind would ever buy concert tickets with no view of the stage? And what promoter in their right mind would see fit to sell them?

    4. Opening up good tickets on Ticketmaster a week before the show after dumping bad ones on eager fans who went for the lottery is a weak move. In your effort to thwart scalpers, you have screwed over loyal fans.

    I will still thoroughly enjoy the experience, however you need to find a way to make this up to the fans that have supported the Dead for 50 years.

    1. Glowball Piece

      Well, said!

      I’d go a little stronger on the non-view ticket issue. When I submitted my lottery order, I never saw any mention of the possibility that tickets would not have a view of the stage. I don’t know about you, but when I go to see a show, I go to hear and see the show. It’s hard to overlook that the non-view, football only seats were sold out first to the eager Deadicated fans through the lottery. Then ticketmaster releases thousands of full view seats.

      I can’t sell mine. There’s thousands listed for less than face value. I’ve tried emailing to see if Santa Clara is eligible for the refund offer as well. I just get an automated response. There’s only mention of Chicago mail order refunds online, and an approaching deadline.

      At this point, I’m afraid to send in my tickets, what if I don’t get the refund???

      1. gratefuldean Post author

        I don’t believe there’s any refunds for Santa Clara. We had the choice to select price ranges we would except for tix, not sections. Just like mail order in the old days or current internet fan presales for bands like Phish, You can receive tix anywhere in the stadium based on the price range chosen. While it may seem unfortunate, to the best of my knowledge, there was no switcheroo. They could’ve easily been sold for what we paid for them a month ago regardless of the section.
        There were DEFINITELY a lot more than 20,000 sold. The way things are looking, there will be free tix everywhere for Santa Clara. When you see them on the ground, be sure to choose a better section!
        Enjoy the shows!!! It’s gonna be an AMAZING couple of weekends!!!!

        1. Connected1

          Ok, so it sounds like I’m stuck with my Santa Clara tickets?

          That’s a bummer. I definitely feel like I did not receive what was advertised though.
          The Santa Clara Levi’s ticket map wasn’t up when I submitted my lottery order. All I could see was Chicago. The Chicago map had the non-view seats in gray, and not in a price range. It never occurred to me that they were selling seats behind the stage.
          That’s the 20k I’m referring to, the 20k “extra” seats that I didn’t know could be sold.

          After they sold out the non-view seats to the Deadicated fans in the lottery, they released thousands of full view seats.

          There was no chance to sell them. Before they ever came in the mail, Ticketmaster was selling better seats for the same $$$ or even less.

          So in my case, I bought seats for my cousins to join me. Since then, they’ve been offered hundreds of better seats from other friends, for less than face value. They don’t want the tickets I have.
          So should I sit alone behind the stage and stick them with the full ticket price?

          There’s so many tickets, I have offers to buy many others as well. I want to be with friends for the show. So should I eat the $$$? I can’t really afford to do that.

          How can this be an honest and legal business move.
          For the lottery tickets, did anyone ever see any seating section behind the stage or seating charts showing they’d be selling those?
          I only saw them weeks after I had made my purchase.
          That’s legal?

  62. withheld

    Can someone direct me to the relevant authorities? Shapiro et. al. should be prosecuted for fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud also for conspiracy and multiple violations under the organized crime RICO statutes.
    Civil suits for compensation should also be pursued and class action status sought.
    In short Shapiro can not be allowed to do business after this fiasco.

  63. JJ

    Got my GDTSToo $215 tickets for Chicago today. Sect 314, 220, and 113. I can’t say I’m not bummed as none of these sections are even in the half of the stadium the stage is on.

    I’m not really buying the “we did it for the fans” argument either as they opened behind the stage and added Santa Clara. If after Shapiro saw the demand was so great he and his partners wanted to give even more fans a chance to see them then they should have added more shows rather than squeeze them into Soldier Field if that was going to result in this “switcheroo”.

    I think like most fans in my shoes it is just the principle of the thing. For months now I’ve been under the impression I was very lucky and ended up with some of the better seats in a huge stadium only to find out a couple weeks before the show I have some ok seats and some not very good seats (and yes I know I’m still lucky). If only the floor seats got moved because it was changed to general admission then there still should have been a decent number of GDTSToo tickets in the lower bowl near the stage but I haven’t heard any mention of that.

    What’s especially bothersome is that they continued to sell better seats on ticketmaster after moving us to these far out sections. I guess Shapiro knew that as devoted fans we’ve have little choice but to take it.

    Nothing to do now but try and forget this nonsense and go and enjoy as if this was the plan all along. PS the GDTS tickets are really nice looking.

  64. UncleJonsfreind

    Some tickets holders have tickets they paid 10x for the person sitting right next to them. Others wont see the stage. Many fans will lose 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars on tickets they cant sell. What a travesty! I only wonder if this will affect the band enough that the show will be outright terrible. I cant image the band being able to play well to a pissed off crowd that is only there because they paid so much they might as well get something….
    Any want GA tix? Face value. I have no desire to go anymore.

  65. UrMom

    Shapiro is no hero. This was definitely unethical and borders on criminal if not outright illegal. It’s like selling people weak, dirty acid for top dollar and then offering a partial refund after the show. Those types of degenerate, junkie creeps are what ruined everything. I guess since its the last show and it doesn’t matter anymore Shapiro and crew grabbed all the cash they could and are heading for the exit.

    After waiting five months and skipping/missing the other ticket sales I’ll forego a partial or full refund, buy better seats from a third party, and save the bunk tickets as evidence.

  66. TDub

    And here is how much thought concern Shapiro put into his empty gesture for full and partial refund. The cut off date for full refund was June 20th. I don’t gave my GDTSTOO Tickets yet.

      1. TDub

        Thanks for that info Dean.
        The site says June 22 and the Site says June 21.
        Just curious where you got this info.

  67. TDub

    So I’ve been thinking really hard about this and I’m going to throw it out there and hope I’m not alone.
    After doing some homework, I think the best response, if anything can be done, the best and simplest action is to file a MAIL ORDER FRAUD COMPLAINT. It is obvious that this was what happened, anyone can file one, you make your complaint and then the USPS inspectors take over. It is a way to say to those in the decision making seats of this SWITCHAROO that we are not happy at all with what went down.

    A MAIL ORDER FRAUD COMPLAINT can be filed on line at:

    I couldn’t find a direct address for Shapiro, (If anyone has it, and would post it, that would be appreciated).
    Madison House is a Promoter that is listed and there info is:
    Madison House, Inc.
    2060 Broadway Street, Suite 225
    Boulder, CO 80302-5224

    I AM wondering if this is going to have to include GDTSTOO. (If anyone has a thought, plese reply)
    After all, it was GDTSTOO who we sent our mail orders through, who sent us our confirmation emails, and the notice that “Congratulations! Your order or at least one of your orders will be filled for the Grateful Dead 50th Reunion performances at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on July 3, 4, 5, 2015.”
    I am on the fence about what happened at GDTSTOO, you would think that a binding agreement would have been in place concerning the tickets they were allotted. I would appreciate any thoughts on where GDTSTOO stands in this whole thing, and wish they would be forth coming on how all of this happened.


    So Please, All of you who have taken the time to post here to have your voice heard, exercise your ability to file a complaint, what happened here was not OK or just one of those things. This should not be the new precedence for concert ticket purchases.

    Dean sniffed it out, we’ve shouted out, now take 5 minutes and FILL IT OUT!

    A MAIL ORDER FRAUD COMPLAINT can be filed on line at:

    1. ShapiroSucks

      Hell yeah TDub, I am in. We can’t let this scumbag take advantage of us. The tickets I received are valued at $880 less than what I paid based upon the mail order pricing chart. That is a lot of money he is stealing when multiplied by the many he has fraudulently transacted with. How could he not provide GDTSTOO the correct ticket supply to fill their orders? How can he turn around and offer great seats a few weeks ago via ticketbastard when he gives us $235 upper level seats next to another fan who paid $79 plus fees. Criminal behavior, Mr. Shapiro. You are not part of the same deadhead family I know and love.

      1. Martin D.

        As long as you received your tickets via U.S. mail then you should have grounds for a complaint as they availed themselves of U.S. mail system to perpetrate the fraud.

  68. Deadheadan

    Right On! Just trying to figure out how long to hold out… Hoping for a fire sale after SC Shows- LOL!

  69. Rob

    I have spoken to many friends that received their tickets through mail order. I have yet to find one of them that received tickets in the sections that were supposed to be the $199 seats. My guess is very few even got them in these sections. Here’s what’s also not being said, the folks that paid for the less expensive seats, most didn’t get their mail orders filled. In other words, the process filled the $199 tickets first….imagine that.

    I would interested in knowing if any of you out there got the $199 tickets in the areas promised per the original plan. My bet is those were allocated to other ticket channels like VIP, Ticketmaster, and direct sells to scalper channels.

    Karma’s a bitch Peter.

  70. TDub

    Hello Every one.
    I received my Mail Order tickets today. Of course I was disappointed.
    My seats are in section 313, 219, and 113 . All at $199. (2 per show)
    The Ticket Master value of these seats are $79, $119, and $149.
    Which means I was overcharged and short changed exactly $500.00


    Also, I did file a Mail Fraud Complaint. See my previous post.

    A MAIL ORDER FRAUD COMPLAINT can be filed on line at:

    I want to encourage all Mail Order Heads to Thoroughly Enjoy there Shows. But file for the partial refund and PLEASE submit a mail order complaint against:
    Madison House, Inc.
    2060 Broadway Street, Suite 225
    Boulder, CO 80302-5224

    Don’t let Shapiro’s BS become the new normal for concert tickets.
    He bot a stink on a beautiful thing and still wants to claim to be one of us.


  71. Martin D.

    I got burned in the Santa Clara Section 247-249 Switcheroo. Called and complained and asked for refund and said I would get an answer in 2-3 days via email and nada.

    Also believe they have been secretly putting 2-4 tickets at a time on Stub Hub in every section that is below face value to suppress online resale value. The tickets they held back that didn’t sell on Stub Hub they then sold via the second releases for Chicago and Santa Clara, holding back a few for each section and now pricing them even lower. 2 Tickets in Sec 249 (where I have my Sat. night tickets) were selling on Stub Hub for $185 all inclusive a month ago. Two weeks ago 2 tickets, different row in 249 for $149. Now 2 tickets different rows all selling in 249 selling at steep discounts from $125 to $175.

    In sum they manipulated the point of sale, misrepresented the numbers of offers for sale, withheld tons of tickets to manipulate the aftermarket and the end result is I feel ripped off and taken for a ride. As I said to the person I was complaining to weeks ago at Tickets Today: Thanks for ruining what was supposed to be a wonderful time. Just disgusting and just disgusted.

  72. screwed

    Just checked ticketmaster for Levis …. I can get great floor or Sec. 100 seats right now. But instead, I got lottery tickets in the 400’s that I can’t sell. I’m still going, but I will literally lose over $700 dollars on this deal. This is a huge financial setback for me. HUGE.

  73. Martin D.

    Biggest scam I have seen. Tell us selling tickets once and if you don’t get in the lottery you are out, and then later ticket releases. That I could today get way better seats for the same $199 I spent on tix in Sec 249 (that were originally listed as $149) is sickening. Very, very difficult to look forward to this weekend’s shows.

  74. withheld

    Thanks for posting the web page where you can file a Mail Fraud complaint. Unfortunately the web page is broken. It errors out every time you hit the submit button. I have double checked all required fields etc., it is really broken. Gee thanks USPS.
    Are there other avenues where we can seek redress and criminal prosecution of Peter Shapiro et. al.?

  75. Slickwil

    Hi, has anyone seen any information about how to obtain the partial refund for the mail order fiasco? Shapiro’s letter states: “Save your ticket stubs, and in the week following the shows, check the FAQ section of for information on how to obtain a partial refund. However, all requests for partial refunds must be received by Monday, July 20 to be eligible.”

    Well, it’s the week following the shows and there’s no information on that page, or even an FAQ section that I can find. July 20 is looming….

  76. Slickwil

    Thanks Dean. I posted on yesterday’s post as well, just in case this one was buried. I really appreciate your prompt reply–and of course your work to even get us this refund.

    1. gratefuldean Post author

      They posted an announcement this week that everything was completed and being sent back. I’d imagine it should be any day. I think it was on The Dead 50 site

      1. Bill Yost

        We sent our tix in for a refund on July 16th. As of today (October 7th) we havn’t received a thing. Anyone else having the same experience?

    1. Bill Yost

      It’s now October 7th and even though the says all refunds have been sent out, we still havn’t received ours. Anybody else still waiting?

  77. b

    Typical Shapiro cock up. Promised 4 – 6 weeks when in fact it has been 7 weeks and counting.
    Don’t expect anything until the 10 week mark and then we’ll see all the mistakes that were made.
    Also be prepared for a huge disappointment when you see the actual refund amounts.

  78. TDub

    Dean,,, you drank the cool-aid.
    You had it all pegged solid, so solid, THEN Stagger-Lee Shapiro gave you a call…
    And you drank the cool-aid!

  79. bill yost

    We sent our tix in for a refund on July 16th. As of today (October 7th) we havn’t received a thing. Anyone else having the same experience?

  80. b

    Twelve weeks so far. I was wrong predicting 10 weeks. Shapiro promised all checks would be mailed by Oct 2. That was obviously a lie since we would have received them by now. What a scumbag Shapiro is.
    Oh yeah, still be prepared for how small your refund will be after the usual fees and charges and insolence.

    1. gratefuldean Post author

      Tickets and refunds have started hitting mailboxes. I haven’t received a single complaint as of yet about the amount of the refunds. Seems like everything was properly accounted for. I hope you’ll have the same experience!

      1. TDub

        Hey Dean,
        Got my refund and it was what it was supposed to be…

        From my June 22 comment to this post…

        Hello Every one.
        I received my Mail Order tickets today. Of course I was disappointed.
        My seats are in section 313, 219, and 113 . All at $199. (2 per show)
        The Ticket Master value of these seats are $79, $119, and $149.
        Which means I was overcharged and short changed exactly $500.00

        Also got all my tickets back in good shape and still in their protective ticket holders I placed them in.

        See you on the 31st!


  81. bill yost

    We got our refund check in the mail today (October 8) and it was for the amount expected. If I had the 5 shows to do over again I would in a heartbeat, especially Saturday Santa Clara! Out of all 5 shows the first night Santa Clara was probably my favorite, couple of rough edges and all. The “Cream Puff War” was the best song of all five shows!

    1. gratefuldean Post author

      Happy you got some cash back and it was correctly processed, Bill! Thanks for weighing in!
      After I listened to all the boards a week or two after the shows, the first and third night were definitely my favorites. Glad you were a part of all of this!

  82. Wil

    Got my refund check–and tickets–back today. I expected a $300 refund and got $180. Slightly disappointed but it’s certainly not worth fighting it. Math’s not my strong suit anyway. But, I had a great time and the experience and memories are priceless.

    Thanks for providing a forum for these concerns, and everything else, Dean.

    1. gratefuldean Post author

      Thanks for weighing in Wil! Glad you got loot back and had the good fortune of being a part of it all as well. Thanks for participating here, I appreciate it!

  83. Schmitty

    Just now got my GD50 “Refund.”

    What is it, now, 16 weeks or so late?

    So, I bought 2 sets of Chicago tickets that they completely hosed me on – like 300s for all 3 days when I ordered Pitt as first choice and then the more expensive reserved as “backups.” I explained my story to them in a professionally-written letter that I had to sell the tickets to a stranger rather than eat the entire ticket cost for the lousy $250 refund, and that’s why I couldn’t submit the second set of original ticket stubs.

    To be clear, retaining the second set of original, unused tickets made absolutely zero fiscal sense – I’d have lost money in order to get the refund.

    And that was why I could only send in my own set of tickets for partial refund, and not the second set as well.

    I noted for them, that the 2 sets of tickets had aligning row and seat numbers as well as serial numbers and that they could very easily access my order to see that I was legit.

    No matter, they accessed at my order, and I know that because they returned my money order stubs FOR BOTH SETS OF TICKETS!!

    And yet, $250 refund returned for the single set – not the $500 for both sets – no letter, explanation or note of any sort.

    I’ve been at this a long time and I’ve never seen anything quite like this. The fine ladies at GDTS used to fill stuff in for me when, as a punk, I’d botched one of the chores on the mail order.

    It really was his last chance to make his clusterfuck-delivery of these shows – NOT the performance or end result (I absolutely loved them) – just the delivery of the experience, end on a positively high note. But he blew it yet again because he doesn’t give one, single shit, much less comprehend what the Grateful Dead were about.

    Shapiro is 86’d. I’ll never attend another event that his greasy, grubby fingers touch.

    But, as is The Dead way, I’ll carry on with nothing but warm, fond and positive memories of both the Santa Clara and Chicago shows, despite the finally concluded f(l)ailings of this crooked little amateur.

    Peace out, people and keep the Faith.

  84. Cori Taratoot

    I am also waiting. What I wouls not give for an email, phone number, name – of ANYONE working on this so that I can at least confirm they received my return in the first place.

        1. Cori Taratoot

          Dean, you’ve gone above and beyond. And thanks for that. What I was looking for when I posted that last post:

          1. Confirmation that my tickets were received in the first place
          2. Notification of the amount$ I could expect to be refunded
          3. Notification as to the date my tickets and check were mailed out
          4. A tracking # (USPS, FedEx, UPS)
          5. My beloved tickets and the money refunded to me fairly and in a timely manner

          I have received none of those things. I have had various e-mails and phone calls with the administrator helping with the refund debacle, and also with Peter Shapiro who has reached out twice and continues to *say* the right things. But bottom line, I still do not have my tickets and check in hand. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt for a bit longer, but I continue to be dumbfounded at the amount of time that has passed since I initially sent out my refund envelope.

          I suppose the claim is that my original tickets and refund check were lost in the mail. It would be helpful to know if my original check was cashed (was this mail fraud?).

          And last, when they do put something in the mail to my house (which I own, and have for 20 years, and have never lost a piece of mail), given all of the days I’ve stared at the mailbox wondering blindly where this refund is, I’d like them to mail this in a way that can be tracked, and where a signature is required.

          Am I being unreasonable? I wanted to be treated with courtesy and professionalism. I would think a business that organizes concerts, sells tickets, services audiences, and partners with top-tier bands would be able to put a small competent team together to handle those of us who are having problems. I would think they would understand that Deadheads are the most loyal of fans, collectors, and things like ticket stubs should be treated gingerly, and with respect.

          Again, Mr. Shapiro has been responsive and is saying the right things. My fingers are crossed.

  85. Cori Taratoot

    OK, I’m regretting ever putting my beloved tickets back in the mail to an organization as dysfunctional and irresponsible as Shapiro’s. All I want is a phone number or email so that I can confirm with them that they received my tickets in the first place. Did they process my refund at all? Can they confirm if my envelope has been dropped in the mail? Any help with this would be much appreciated.

  86. Matt

    Still nothing. I know they got my tixs and form since there was tracking on the envelope but I have no idea what has happened since.

  87. JD

    I didn’t send in my tickets with my refund request for that same reason – I didn’t trust Shapiro to return them to me. And so he sends me back a form letter saying no refund because I didn’t send the tickets, and he keeps the $800 that he owes me. What a crook.

  88. b

    Oh, he’ll SAY all sorts of things. But actual performance, forget it! He’s a promoter out for himself.
    He has proven to be completely inept since he was awarded the contract to put on the Fare Thee Well shows.

  89. CA

    I was skeptical, so I scanned our tickets before sending them in for a refund. A couple of weeks ago — the longest six weeks in history — we received both, tickets and a check. Even with all of the hassles, I’m glad we jumped all of the hoops necessary to attend.

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