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imageHowdy friends. My name is Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly). Nobody gets that right unless they’re from Sicily. Thanks for being here. I come from a family with deep roots in music. My grandfather was a professional piano player, my dad was a piano and sax player, my cousin, Bobby Messano is a Blues Hall Of Famer. There’s a lot of music in the genes. I’m a passionate Dead Head and music lover that started seeing the band on November 11, 1985 at the Brendan Byrne Arena, in East Rutherford, NJ. By intermission I was devising a plan to leave home and sell grilled cheese all over the country. I logged over 350 shows in those ten years as well as over 100 JGB shows. In 1991, at Arrow Head Ranch, I discovered Phish and have seen over 200 of their Shows as well.

While my writing will often reflect memories that were fueled by narcotics, I’ve actually been 100% drug and alcohol free since May 15, 1993. After Jerry Garcia’s death, I stepped away from the scene for quite some time. After close to 15 years absent from it all, extremely vivid memories of my time on the road came flooding back to me. Social networks like Facebook became a place to reunite as well as reignite with this tremendous passion and so many of the people plugged into life’s finest traveling musical circus.

Dean 1991

I’m the Official Source of Completely Unofficial News. I do not claim, nor have I ever, to be affiliated with The Grateful Dead in any way other than through the love of their music. My material is in no way endorsed by them at all. I’m a total Nobody.

I hope you take all of my writing in the spirit in which it was created. A spirit of laughter, lightheartedness, and joy. I mean nothing harsh towards the people, the music or the scene that I write about. I love people. I help old ladies cross streets and carry groceries to their cars. I do everything I can to provide for those less fortunate than me in any way that I’m able. This shit is comedy, I hope you take all of it that way.

You can connect with me on Facebook as Grateful Dean@gd50th on Twitter or join my page for breaking news reports at The Official Home of Unofficial Grateful Dead News on Facebook as well.

As always, happy to help!

Stay Grateful My Friends,


5 thoughts on “About the Author: Dean Sottile

  1. Randy

    I love the About Me, great stuff. Great story about Jerry! I think I may have less connections than you, I only met Vince for about 10 seconds backstage at the Palace 93.

  2. Kerry Campbell

    Hi Dean,

    How many Sotilles could there be in Montville, NJ? Are you related to Stephen? He was in my class (’79). I’m not a reunion kinda guy, so I don’t know what anyone from my class is doing. Liked your piece about Neil Sedaka. Keep up the humor, it’s sorely needed.

  3. Hank Wedel

    Greetings from Cork City, Dean!
    Here’s something you may dig…
    An Irish Tribute to The Dead
    Entitled “Weir and Garcia”…


    Give it a look listen and see
    when ya can…
    Hope you like it…
    And hope to hear back from you
    Also …
    Hope you’re enjoying the
    “Fare Thee Well” vibe

    All The Best…

    Hank Wedel

  4. Roze & Joe

    Dear Dean, it was a pleasure to meet you! Where are you tonight?! Would love to take a pic with you and make history!
    Loved the blog. Keep blessing others with your inner Light and wisdom.

    Peace, Love & Light,

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