My memories of shows in and around NYC go back to my first show on 11-11-85. I was 15 and had pretty bad seats in the upper tier above Garcia’s head and a little behind him. From that high up, I couldn’t believe I was having my entire life and all of my thoughts shuffled by a guitarist that from that high up and slightly behind, looked like my Italian Grandma. I was instantly hooked on the experience and by intermission was trying to figure out how I could score some type of van and a camping stove so I could travel the world selling grilled cheese. The MSG shows in 87 and into the 90s that kept the Dead in one place for long runs were packed with nights that changed me forever. Nightfall of Diamonds on Weir’s birthday in 89 at the shithole known as Brendan Byrne. Giants Stadium in 91 with the Eyes opener and Dark teased throughout. I could go on forever but you know how it goes. A night that will live in my own life as much as any of those nights is 6/24/2017.

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