1 thought on “Shakedown Stream Conversation Starter and Review; Giant Stadium 91!

  1. JDSept

    91, the best of the last years I would say. Garcia being healthier must have had much to do with it. gave something for the rest of the band to center on. No real out there, new territory jams, but after so many years, how much areas would there to be for them to explore? Hornsby added something to this show also. A new flavor to be experienced. Ya gotta say the packaging as to these box sets are great. This is another one. Did they win a Grammy for any of them? There is one for packaging. It so much shows up the packaging of so many other box sets from other bands. Also just by going through or by NY tended to bring extra effort from the band, no matter at what period in their history. Ya there are a SF band but NY can’t be overlooked as to their history.

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