I’m grateful to have some Live Action to talk about! It always feels like Summer officially begins for me once the band takes the stage for the first time. I’m looking forward to an amazing summer filled with incredible music and ultimately coming to a climax at Lockn! The journey is sure to be a wild one and I look forward to sharing the experience with y’all! All opinions are always my own and I understand we’ll differ on many things and often. May my words always be received in the manner they’re intended, free from malice and always from a place of love and appreciation. I’m glad we have music to talk about so let’s get things underway! I’ll do my best to write a little more if I get the chance but understand that my time is limited. I’ll also do my best to keep the reviews a little shorter than this one in the future but after all, it’s opening night. I’m looking forward to a great few weeks sharing the experiences with all of you! ROCK AND ROLL!!!

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1 thought on “Dead & Company Kicking Off The Summer Tour! Good At Great Woods…

  1. Matt from Raleigh

    Thought first set was nice – got two bust outs (Getaway and All Over Now). Real nice transitions in Birdsong and Loose Lucy. Hey remember when they didn’t play Lucy for 16 years? Can we go back to that.

    2nd set playing was “fine” some nice moments and drums which I generally am not a huge fan was a highlight. But let’s talk about song selection.

    2nd set until Stella was a rerun of Feb 15 from Mexico. Wtf? Weir falls into a run. Estimated doesn’t need Eyes always. How about a Scarlet – less Fire?

    You covered the time crunch at the end. Same thing happened in Charlotte on the 16 Summer tour opener.

    I do like the no “encore” that the curfew can demand. So tired of bands doing the “love us some more” leave the stage for 2 minutes and then we will play again.

    The Who have stopped encores for the most part as has Roger Waters. I wish others would too

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