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The Daze Between…

Been looking for The Silver Lining but this one seems all gray

Nothing’s been the same since the night you went away

The Story Teller makes no choice, that’s what you always said

It’s funny that we all found Life amongst The Grateful Dead

The wrinkled eyes of Heaven know this day as if by heart

The tears through years of mourning that have torn our world apart

You’re the one that brought The Treasure and grabbed Magic from the air

Everyone craved The Golden Eggs but The Goose that left them there

The blistered hands of time still turn the crank that runs The Wheel

The cards all come back empty every time we get The Deal

Mercy wrote a letter, sent to Death by Standard Mail

The message came back, “Sorry but No Mercy is for Sale”

My face is callused from the salted water my Eyes have shed

Trapped inside the limitations deep within my head

I can’t believe twenty two have passed since your Graduation Day

Still broken vans with broken plans like dogs that went astray

Another Summer passes by another Winter near

There remains the lullaby our ears still long to hear

Your tone preserved in archives as we turn another page

Where softly grows the silent fire that turns to full grown rage

Days are still found Dazing in The Days that Lie Between

And thoughts churn in our minds yet we can’t figure what they mean

To hear a few more notes from you would cure this inward drought

In the spaces in between each one we figured the whole thing out

My thoughts and days are like the style of playing you were usin’

Moments of intense clarity seem to arise from complete confusion

In my head, I see your frame, your chin pinned to your chest

Like you’re looking into your own heart and pulling out what’s best

I vividly hear the music build like champagne when you shake it

You took your time getting to the mic, we all wondered if you’d make it

But just as Springtime turns to Heat and Heat then turns to Cold

The only place we find Silver now is where there once was Gold

With thoughts of you that never die and no replacement near

We celebrate the life you gave to all of US every year

Your Soulful Sound to China Cats to Mission in The Rain

We’ll cherish what you gave to US until we meet again…

Dead To The Core,

Dean Sottile


So many years and so many tears our eyes already cried

From where we were to where we are there’s still a great divide

You contained a piece of something rare as ever heard

You held a stadium within your hands while we waited on each word

The gift was heavier than most gifts that land on all the greats

When you became our heroin, the gift became some weights

A voice that spoke unspeakably in ways one can’t explain

A call that made us wanna be a light on a northbound train

Your voice was made from everything, its sound beyond compare

As masculine as it could be with a thread of femininity there

The sweetness it contained was like some auditory candy

Some notes got finished through your nose like a hearty shot of brandy

That sound was like a hook that pierced my heart and reeled it in

Made from 100 pounds of Saint and 100 pounds of Sin

Your trials and your tragedies were a shovel for your Soul

They made it so much deeper and they made that hole so whole


What came through you has not been matched by any who have tried

It’s hard to celebrate the birth of one who already died

I’d like to think that with your passing you were somehow born again

Living somewhere you’re not an idol, just another friend

Where you have all the space you need to get your space together

Not a slave to all your gifts with a community as your tether

I know it’s not my fault that you were wrestling with your devils

They seem to grow accordingly as we move to higher levels

You were just a vessel that the secrets all passed through

It all occurred because you did the thing you were born to do

When a gift is so unique that it brings folks to their maker

As much as some would like to give, they end up being a taker

Today’s a day to celebrate the day your life took flight

Not the day for could’ve, should’ve, maybe and/or might

As Jerry Week begins this year, all ears will lean towards you

Just as they’ve been leaning all the while and through and through

Happy 75th, Garcia!

Dead To The Core,

Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)