Weir and The Wolf Bros Tepid Finale at The Beacon. Great to jam with y’all this week!! #LYF We didn’t get Scarlet Fire, we just got the Scarlet with Cassidy. I fucked up on that, my bad. It’s like Weirics I guess… Didn’t feel like doing it over.

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1 thought on “Weir and The Wolf Bros Tepid Finale at The Beacon…

  1. Jasonj

    Always like listening to your reviews. Even when I haven’t heard or attended the concert, I usually get what you are saying and appreciate your honesty. The only show of the Bobby and Wolf Bros. tour I attended was in DC on Nov. 12. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t. Weir was in strong voice, pace and setlist were great and hometown boy John K. brought the energy level way up in the second set. It was a treat to hear them play together again. May have been just as good in Boston but I was pretty excited about it. Really great show which we don’t always get in DC.

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