Death Don’t Have No Mercy winds down and quickly changes lanes with the first few notes of Dear Mr Fantasy erasing the pain directly in our rear view mirror and replacing it with the steady paced march that transforms the venue… Our Hearts were opened before us… We were able to see them for exactly what they consist of… Good and bad… Joy and Sorrow… Guilt and The Absence of it… It was all there… Right before the eyes of our Soul… Heavy as a Wet Sweater… Now it’s time for the healing to begin… I look around me… It’s wild… Tears have turned to brilliant smiles… Garcia turns toward Weir and Phil like the leader of a new found parade of Healing and Abundant Grace as he introduces Mr Fantasy into the building… There’s something about Garcia’s tempo in everything he does that’s just a fraction slower than what everyone else does… Laid Back just right… It can’t be copied… That Fraction of a second behind somehow pushes everything he does miles ahead of anybody else… Brent seizures out the opening lines… His voice sounds like broken glass in a velvet bag and cuts through the entire environment… I just saw a fuckin dog…. How the hell did somebody get their dog in here??? I try not to focus on the canine… I’m successful… Intermittently… Can’t stop looking at the dog… Brent throws his hands down the keys to his right… His hair is sent in 4 different directions… I don’t know how… I don’t care… As Jerry begins to dig into The Wolf he’s possessing ALL of that extra something… He’s got the sway on… Head goes down… Glasses sweat themselves down to mid nose… He quickly courses the length of the guitar neck twice settling down low and digging into it… He squeezes Life into every note… Pick hand moves from the body of his guitar up to the neck… Always does that when he’s pushing for a little extra Magic… In a matter of minutes we’ve gone from funeral type of sorrow to New Born Baby type of Happiness… The solo closes down with my favorite part of the tune as Garcia locks eyes and combines Energies with Brent to push this one furthur… Garcia’s vocals seem to lay down a thick backdrop for Brent’s emotion and sharpness to leap from… His tempo, once again just a half step behind everyone that sings this tune other than him… It’s Brilliant.. Can’t be matched… There’s an invisible force between Jerry and Brent that would be impossible to walk through and Survive… Anyone caught in the middle of that during a moment like this would surely be vaporized… In your mind, you’re certain of it… As the two combine energies and talents the song finds it lift off point in a frenzied fury of A Wolf Howling in the dark while roaming through a Forest of Hammond Sounds… We all Love to feel every imaginable emotion… We’re eternally grateful that, in this environment, we get to experience them in a somewhat controlled way… They’re encapsulated… No one emotion lingers too long past it’s level of tolerance… We March on Joyously leaving a trail of complete fulfillment in our wake… Smiles grow exponentially as we move toward Hey Jude…

Dead To The Core,

Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)

Throwback to The History and Preparation for The Fare Thee Well Shows!!!!

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