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In shocking news, pictures obtained from Security cameras at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara show irrefutable evidence that the Rainbow that appeared during dusk on June 27th was indeed man made. The photos were gathered from Security cameras mounted inconspicuously around the stadium providing somewhat clear images of what took place that night. We tried to contact members of the production team for comment but apparently they made a ton of cash and are all currently on vacation… Here’s the evidence supporting the production team’s work creating a rainbow above the Stadium.

Santa Scandal

Incredibly enough, photos taken only moments after this one actually show an amazing development as it appears as if Kermit The Frog was Actually The Rainbow Connection all along… I know… Sounds Trippy but he was foreshadowing shit like this since we were kids…


Over the past few weeks we’ve repetitively said, “Only In Grateful Dead Land!” Chalk another one up for that my friends! The culprit has yet to be identified and authorities have little interest in an investigation. Some will speculate whether these pics are legitimate, some won’t… Those that are dumb enough to believe this would also be dumb enough to believe The Dead made a fake rainbow… You be the judge… Back to your regularly scheduled life…

Dead To The Core,

Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)

17 thoughts on “Security Pics Show Santa Clara Rainbow Was Man Made

  1. Bill

    Green frogs and rainbows…….I’ve been to similar shows, sorry I missed that one. Love life, laugh, live with a passion, any passion will do and if it happens to involve green frogs and rainbows……bless you my friend….

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