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Posted by Dean Sottile on Thursday, February 1, 2018

In news that spread through the festival crowd like poison ivy and body odor, Lockn made the news official today that our favorite musicians would be headling the festival this Summer. Anybody that follows the blog realized that the picture that was posted for last Fall's Dallas Review wasn't a picture of Dallas at all. In fact, it was a picture of The Skull hovering over Lockn. For the first time in the history of the event, Early Bird tickets sold out shortly before their deadline. The rumors that preceded the announcement sent early ticket sales over the top. Dead & Co will be playing 4 sets over 2 days in what can best be described as Jamband Disney World for people too full of hallucinogens to consider sleeping.

Peter Shapiro watched from his Throne in Manhattan as servants brought him gourmet gummy worms and energy enhancing elixirs on silver platters. With a band like Dead & Company headlining Lockn, the event is projected to make well over $1,300 this year. In previous years, Shapiro's obsession with having too many bands play for too many hours over too many days has ensured the event to barely break even, if that. Anybody that has attended Lockn is well aware that its founders and creators have always provided an experience that goes WAY over the top for its attendees. Shap puts up multiple complete stages equipped with full sound and lighting, spread out across acres of farmland, all in the middle of nowhere. Anybody that has a concept of putting on shows is well aware of the staff and expenses required to pull that off. The event is like running multiple venues with multiple events all at the same time and it somehow runs like a Swiss watch. Lockn provides more music than most people could possibly handle during the course of a 4 day weekend. Music starts early in the afternoon and continues without interruption until well into the morning. As an old fucker, by festival definition, I couldn't take it all in if I tried. I wish there was a Lockn when I was in my 20s.

I talked to Peter once about making the Festival profitable by cutting down on all the bands, all the stages and all the hours of continuous music that requires all the staff and expenses to make it happen. That brother wasn't even a little interested in my opinion because his goal and vision is to put on an event that exceeds all expectations. I don't know of any other individual as consumed with providing as much as possible for the people that show up than the folks that run Lockn. I mean, Lockn is an insomniac's dream come true. This year is sure to be the best one yet and with Dead & Company leading the pack, I'll see ya there!

Talk to ya soon!

Dead To The Core,
Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)

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1 thought on “Dead & Company Officially Announced To Headline Lockn!

  1. BruceGrossman

    Thanks Deano, I appreciate your perspectives as there are too many who fail to appreciate the enormity of putting Lockn and other events together while they cry foul
    And that it’s all just a money grab. It’s far from it.

    I wish I could report great news as you do but my health and life are being challenged again as my cancer has returned, the good lord willing I’ll see all y’all sooner than later.

    Peace and love

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