Dean So Tilly, Total Nobody, here to report the date for all of us folks in Grateful Dead Land to stay glued to the internet for the official unveiling of new tour dates for Dead & Company’s Summer Extravaganza. The dates are secure, the venues are booked and another run with our favorite musicians is about to take shape. While rumors fly around about locations, on February 5th, everybody will get to see where the Golden Road of Life is heading. A weekend at Fenway? Are we going to Red Rocks? Will I see ya at SPAC? Surely we’ll be at Shoreline, right? One thing is certain, about 6 of US are going to Bonaroo… I’d rather lose an eye than go to that mess. Unless I can fly in on a helicopter just before Dead & Co and fly out immediately afterwards, I definitely won’t see ya there. That announcement made damn near nobody happy… In just a little more than a week your questions will be officially answered. Unless of course it happens sooner… Or later…

The list that circulated from the Phish message board is absolutely false. I am not affiliated with the rumored list at all.

Brace yourselves, the next wave is coming… February 5th… You heard it here, the Official Home Of Unofficial Grateful Dead and Music News! Home of The Total Nobody! That’s all I have time for today, Love You Long Time and Forever!

Dead To The Core,
Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)

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23 thoughts on “Dead & Co Set Date To Unleash The Next Wave Of Sonic Joy!

  1. Eric E

    It’s fitting to have Dead and Co. at Bonaroo.. Without the Grateful Dead you never get a Bonaroo.. It’s good that the younger fans get to see what the Dead were all about.. This band does that to a degree

    1. Mike L

      I feel pity for you. You sound like an old curmudgeon who can’t get past the fact that The Dead had other members besides Jerry and Pigpen who were all integral to the band and the music. I paid $100 bucks each for the two shows I saw and was rewarded with free tickets to the 3rd night at MSG. There were very few Heads who didn’t have the time of their lives at each and every show they played. Your loss and thank you for not going cause your negative energy has no place at any Dead show. Thankfully they’re keeping the music alive for us old Heads and a new generation who never got to see them back in the day. You must be oblivious to how strong and moving the music itself is cause there’s other bands out there like Joe Russo’s almost Dead, Jazz is Dead and more with phenomenal musicians who constantly play to sell out crowds,who go because they wanna still hear the music by our favorite band played by cats who do it justice and have just as deep a love for the music. Do us all a favor and go troll somewhere else if you can find it, that’s comprised of the five or six people other sad folks like you who would rather live in the past than hang with our community. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. The music never stops and neither will we. PEACE

  2. shaun

    Wait, 2/5, isn’t that a show? Iowa? I can’t remember, but I was there. My mom is waiting until 2/5, as soon as she sees the New England/NY/NJ dates she will proceed to book a family vacation, during the shows, just to piss me off. I love my mom. Wanted to bring my dad to his 2nd show, alas I was too drunk, but was able to sober up for a few before the end, which was last 1/24/15. He went to 4/20/84 with me and my Mom etc. when I was 16. He wasn’t a drunk. Onwards and see u there, maybe in New Mexico, if the dirt and dust isn’t flying so thick ya can’t see the other heads. You can park on my street for Fenway, but we live five miles north in Medford. Lobster? I can even get you a Vegan one, if that’s your idea of family fun. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L7UPXKx8bI

  3. Andrew S

    Tell me something I don’t know, been off media, for a week know, and I already am going to Bannaroo.. Sorry your music interests r to narrow to enjoy a weekend full of Love.. My RV will be kickin.. See you all at the Shows, wherever they may Play, if I can make it, I’ll be there. Someone like you who can pick and choose, and fly in on your fictitious Helli…
    I’ll be there in my RV… So thanks for the Update… Let us know when you have something to report. Cause all that’s happening is all the Hotels in the Areas….. RUMORED… all these youb kids who never even saw Jerry play one more, unless you are talking@ u tube, then they saw it all… Hahaha
    See you there, Looking for Phil Tux at Cap Thtre.
    If you can hook me up that would be some news.
    Much Love All, and Be Cool !., smart and watch out for your Brotherine.!!!!!

  4. Jeni

    I hope they do Lockn’ this year!! They owe us!!
    Totally agree about Bonaroo…that was definately a Mayer thing…lol
    Not hatin on Mayer…just sayin….

  5. Sad

    the list being passed around has TWO miami shows which i found odd. rock bands have a hard time selling any tickets to the dopes living down here. they should play mizner park! but if they DO play Bayfront park that is a SUPER cool place, right on the water in a park in downtown Miami. i am going to end my boycott for these shows.

  6. Mireille

    Dean, thank you SO much for info! I’m in SF – dreaming of Summer @ Shoreline…Bill Graham Civic blew my mind in December. Do you think they will just announce Summer ticket dates with future ticket purchase via Ticketmaster, or should we be standing by to purchase our tix tomorrow? I’m literally counting the seconds.

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