When the clock struck midnight, Dead and Company announced on their Website a FREE show would be added for November 7th at MSG. Inside info came late from my bro Scott Schiff about some things going down and he was right on the money. A sweepstakes message was posted for a chance to win tickets at 12:00 AM on the dot. The entry form is up and the sweepstakes are under way. According to the info, 5,000 pairs of tickets will be given away. I’m not sure where the rest are going, maybe charitable donors, maybe StubHub, who knows… If I had to guess, I’d think a bunch will be auctioned off for Charity as well. Nothing happens without some money coming in somewhere. Finally a show with prices that people can’t bitch about… That’s probably not true… People will bitch about something… Maybe it’s too free or some shit. “Charity Grab!!!”

Good Luck winning your tix!!! Check it out on deadandcompany.com

Dead To The Core,

Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)

19 thoughts on “Dead And Company Add FREE Show November 7th to MSG

  1. Mike L

    Hey Darci, Lots of luck winning. I just thought I’d let ya know that you can get also get face value or even less tickets to the MSG shows on cashortrade.com It’s a great site for fans.

  2. shaun

    And if you get rejected listen to 11/7/85, the monster Rochester show, and if you do get in, do the same. Will we know at 12;00:01 this evening? is that thing still on? Do I still want to even go, or was all the fun in getting the tickets and thinking about it? That’s a subject for another time. or a book. Another chapter starts out saying something like the 1984 tour books were $111,and now I am…………….add whatever word you want. I always knew a free show was coming, and it could reoccur anytime, like in Oakland with phil in February for example, or at the Cap Theatre on 11/3 or 11/9/15. Yes I still think it needed more eastie new england shows, maybe next year. Yes my friends in Northern Maine are staying home. Somehow MSG doesnt sound appealing if your from Augusta, ME. Its already snowing up there

  3. GarchiaPet

    Anyone who submitted to win free 11/7 MSG tickets…

    Keep an eye out for the Subject Line:
    “Big News from American Express Dead & Co Giveaway”

    From the email address:

    If you used a Gmail address when submitting…be sure to check your ‘Spam’ and your ‘Update’ folders in your mailbox. Have two friends that completely miss the email notification that they won and have now missed their window of opportunity.

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