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Welcome to the Valentine’s Edition of The Officially Unofficial Week In Review. Valentine’s marked the first day in weeks that thousands of Dead Heads were all screwed by someone other than the Grateful Dead Ticket Office. Since today is Sunday and Tomorrow is a Holiday for the Post Office, the next 2 days will be the equivalent of a menstrual cycle in Grateful Dead Land as nobody will be getting screwed again until Tuesday at the earliest. This should provide a welcomed relief for those that have grown weary of seeing the same letter posted over 25,000 times.

A quick look around social media will remind you that the attitudes and outlook of the people in our community range somewhere between the excitement and exhilaration found in last night’s sexy Valentine’s activities and the character of this morning’s undercarriage aroma. For those that are still in the mail order lottery game, some having reported their money orders being cashed this week, Love is abundant and Not Fade Away. For others, the saltiness that rejection has left behind matches that of their sheets this morning. There’s just the pavement left, and broken dreams…

As 50 Shades Of Grey pulled in as much money as the Stinson Beach Ticket Office had to return, reruns of 50 Complaints On Trey were just as widespread. Apparently, Grateful Dead fans are appalled that another Dead Head, that loved Garcia as much as we do, had the audacity to create a band that sounds nothing like the Dead. Why would they choose a uniquely talented individual that completely developed his own style of innately inspired improvisational wizardry? The only thing that seems to aggravate Dead Heads┬ámore than that is the band’s extremely die hard fan base that travels the country to see every show they play. All of this takes place in large sold out venues without any commercial appeal at all. At first glance, this very well may appear as though Dead Heads actually can’t stand themselves or a community based around music that provides another generation of kids the chance to experience what every single one of us got to experience at their age.

In a gesture of unprecedented kindness, The Official Home Of Unofficial Grateful Dead News announced a way for at least one lucky fan to win a ticket to The 50th Anniversary Shows in Chicago. An exciting internet dance competition, “Oh You Think You Can Dance”, could score you a seat to one of the 50th Anniversary Shows. Many have been afraid to enter after the initial video from “Swivel Hips” SoTilly proved I have more moves than a Rubik’s Cube. Many others thought this was just another joke from the Perennial Prankster. Friends and Family, This is no joke!! I will personally Miracle the winner of this competition. Make a one minute video of your best moves and email it to Future plans to produce Jerobics and Zumba In The Rain videos are underway for our Google+ Home.

Regardless of the costs or challenges associated with securing a lucky winner a ticket, The Official Home Of Unofficial Grateful Dead News is stepping up!!! Submit those entries for your chance to win!!!

That does it for another week my friends. Stay tuned…

Gratefully Deadicated,
Dean Sottile (pronounced SoTilly)
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