3 thoughts on “Breaking Down Bristow!

  1. dman62

    I love your reviews and since I can only attend a few shows, I really look forward to these reviews. My first Dead show was 1980 at Radio City and I have been on the bus ever since. I truly relate to your comments about the Dew and Brokedown. Life passes by so quickly and my kids have grown and just the memories of past tours and the lyrics in the songs hold special meaning. You do such a great job and I just wanted to say thanks (even the comments about the bands hair cracks me up)! I grew up outside NYC and my folks had a weeping willow tree outside our home. So not only have I traveled many worlds since I first left home but that I always think of that weeping willow and it gets to me, every time.

  2. mmclean

    Thanks for all you do for our community! I find your reviews thoughtful, funny and honest. I’ve been fortunate to see several of the shows on this first leg, but even if i have been at a show, I still look forward to your reviews because I find them to be accurate, and often, hilarious. Your comment about the end of Jack Straw and Mayer slamming “the end of that one like some celebrity A-list puntang” has had me laughing for a couple days. Great work!

    Here’s hoping you will review the Chicago shows; I was at both shows and am very curious to hear your thoughts. Thank you and keep it coming!

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