Bob Weir Undergoes Knee Surgery In Time To Be 100% For Soldier Field

KneeSurgeryDead Sultan of Swagger Bob Weir, according to rumors that may or may not be true, underwent knee surgery last week in New York City. A 49 year old receptionist, who asked to remain anonymous, leaked Weir’s x-rays to someone affiliated with the Official Home of Unofficial Grateful Dead News. We attempted to contact the orthopedic specialist but due to HIPPA Privacy and Compliance laws,  The doctor was unable to take our call. While it’s difficult to have the films authenticated, 8,955 women we spoke to said it appeared to be Bob.

When questions came up regarding the shorts he wore in the 80’s and 90’s Bob said, “Everyone took pictures of my shorts but nobody paid attention to my belt!”

When asked if this was all made up, the majority of the fan base was undecided.

Gratefully Deadicated,

Dean Sottile (pronounced SoTilly)

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