I heard there’s a very special guest tomorrow… See y’all there!

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Good Luck y’all!!! See ya there!

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One thought on “Bad Grandpa In The Big Apple! Maybe Sir Paul?

  1. Funkifiyo

    Right on the money. I should be sleeping for tmrw but I’m still pumped from what was easily the best show of the tour so. And I’d say best set lists and best show I’ve seen them play out of the 15 times I’ve seen them these last 3 years. They definitely made up for the Camden show being called off..and Spac being pretty mellow. Earlier tonight was seriously..well..it felt monumental. Love how Oteil was way up in the mix..really it was a perfect mix of each instrument…for a stadium they always have the best sound!! Oteil got low down and crazy funky throughout the night. I was up shakin it the entire time. The drums segment is sounding better than ever! The direction they take with it is made for dancing all primal like. And Oteil was also up there playing percussion for drums! Mayer..I thought sparks were gonna fly from his guitar he was so rip roaring and wailing. My face actually hurts from smiling so much. .it was that intense tonight. Phew..not a single bad moment with the jams they were laying down tonight. Completely tear your head off and steal your face..til it was melting from the funk, the amazing psychedelic jams, and the jet propulson that Oteil brings to the music! Not to take anything away from anyone tonight. They played such a spectacular show..it’s hard to picture them being any better tmrw..but I’d be willing to bet they give it their all again. SO HAPPY I got a US Blues..seen them around 100 pre and post Jerry..and saw US blues maybe 2 or 3 times..they usually play it on a night I don’t go but omg so glad they busted that smoker out..and had the whole stadium rockin!! I’m still a little twisted so please excuse the long essay. Great review Dean. You definitely catched the excitement of what we experienced tonight. Really big shakedown in the lot was also pretty sweet. Loads and loads of booths selling all manner of Dead/jam merch that costs less than the tour shirts but just as nice I’d say for a lot of them. Here’s to Saturday night. I smell a ripple..I’d love an aiko aiko…Friend of the devil, A Not Fade Away. And so much more would make me the happiest dude after the all out rockin we got tonight…hope they keep that theme/momentum tmrw night!! Have a total blast!! This weekend will be one for the books!

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