A purple tear from heaven fell from such a heavy sky
As if The Lord above just watched and commanded doves to cry
In the midst of all of this it was etched upon my mind
When doves have cried it seems as though a rainbow is left behind
The heart of music like the hearts of those at Paisley Park
Looking for some light inside of something completely dark
The bulb inside your soul just seemed to burn a little brighter
Your talent touched a loose knit world and made it a little tighter
Your frame not made to handle all the weight it had to bear
With so many folks that care for you sometimes it’s hard to care
The contents that your cup contained, much larger than it’s carrier
Music was the tool you used to break through every barrier
Your blessing blessed so many yet for that there was no stage
You helped so many with broken lives to turn another page
Your giving wasn’t advertised and never made the news
But in this thing called Life you never stopped paying up your dues
If kindness was a candle yours illuminated more
Than most that will come after you and most that came before
If you had a plan for what we’d do at the ending of your time
I imagine we would dance and party like it’s 1999
The streets are full of parties now in honor of your gift
There’s a purple haze that covers us that just may never lift
I hope you found The Promised Land where there’s an end to strife
You talked about The After World so now The After Life..

Rock In Peace Prince Rogers Nelson…

Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)
Grateful Dean on Facebook
@gd50th on Twitter

4 thoughts on “A Purple Tear From Heaven…

  1. shaun

    Hey Lord, We all Can see, That Prince &#)! is yours now. be good to him, but we still need some rainbows and Purple Rain this summer. See us all then, the living, The Dead, and those of us somewhere else. His celebration is scheduled for 2019. Thank you for coming.

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