If Dead & Company won’t release the dates, I will. I got this from a dude named Stirfry. He’s a legit motherfucker! That’s all I can tell ya… West Coast dates will be added as well to include WA, UT, AZ & CA. Nothing is official until you see it on Dead & Company’s website. I still can’t believe they rescheduled that announcement. I know, D.C. Show is actually Bristow,VA. In the meantime, stay light y’all! Don’t forget to breathe… Be kind. It’s only some dates. Love you!

22 thoughts on “A Guy Named “Stirfry” Provides Dates

  1. shaun

    is a mail order thingy pending via GDTStoooooooo has anyone said anything or is the sponsor (Is this AA?) is using Ticketmaster/ Its an extra $30 at least for each ticket and I’d rather that $ go to our family out there than to some shareholder in Live Nation or Ticketmaster or whoever is doing this thing. nooz I could use.

  2. Mireille

    Thank you for the early – and completely ACCURATE – info, Dean!
    Huh. Wonder what happened to our commenter “Jake Fleishman”. Buh-bye.
    BTW, I saw Bob Weir on Saturday afternoon at the Wheels Up Super Bowl Tailgate Party at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco (my fam & I live in SF). He & Natascha rolled up in a stunning silver TESLA with a gnarly Skull & Crossbones mounted on the rear! He got out and grabbed his guitar…

      1. Mireille

        Oh! Hi, Jake! Welcome back! You seem to be enjoying the site as much as the rest of us! You’re constantly on here, chatting up a storm. Good morning!
        See you @ SPAC? xx

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