Monthly Archives: August 2020

Here’s one from the past… Garcia Week Kickoff.

There’s something in your voice that triggered something in my Soul
There’s something in each Dew you sang that broke me then made me whole
There’s something in the way your fingers ran across the strings
There’s something that was lost with you that still, to this day, stings
Another year we celebrate the day that marked your birth
And long ago a baby born that soon would Rock The Earth
The star that rose the day you came brought treasure from above
The war that raged within you grew yet somehow formed a dove
You owned each song you sang as if they were written on your heart
You played the role designed for you, put it together then tore it apart
You couldn’t find the roads to ease your soul, your life, your mind
When everyone wants to see you, you probably wish that most were blind
The circus grew beyond you, there were multiplying clowns
The higher that you got you painted smiles on the frowns
I raise my glass to years gone by, I honor what you gave
You created freedom for all of us and in turn became a slave
Your greatness gave my life a view that never would’ve been
Somehow your sound took all my loss and showed it how to win
I hope you found the rest you gave to millions throughout your time
Happy Birthday Jerry, you’re the reason for the rhyme

Dead To The Core,

Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)