Monthly Archives: February 2018

Dead & Company wrapped up its Playing In The Sand event like a tamale Sunday. It was another perfect day in Mexico as a bunch of people ran around a big ass resort half naked, red as fuck and happier than a hillbilly at a tractor pull. As we headed toward the venue for the last time this year, it was hard to believe that all those months of anticipation and excitement were on the brink of giving way to check outs, shuttle rides and airports. It wasn’t exactly over yet but it was pretty close. We all walked into the venue a lot more relaxed on Sunday than we did on Thursday. After 4 or 5 days of sunshine, abundant food and drink, beaches, pools, and all kinds of other relaxing shit, we were prepared to enter the Mexican Transformation Chamber for the last time. No time to write so I had to make a video. Here’s the wrap up!

Credit on the photo goes to Erik Kabik.

Night 3 in Mexico and night 2 for Dead & Company was another blast of everything we love most. For one, we’re not working, we’re all sitting on the beach or the pool and eating an assload of mediocre food. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when food is included at a resort or a cruise, it’s like air being included in a Porta John. Also, since we’ve been paying for this shit for a year, it almost seems free at this point. I imagine there still might be some folks looking for their room since night 1. If you get too spun at this place, you’ll be trying your key in all 5,000 rooms that are pretty much in identical looking buildings. I’ve seen a few fuckers looking for their room since Thursday. Imagine if everyone drove a white Volkswagen what it would be like finding your car in a parking lot. Nowadays, I just start walking through parking lots clicking my panic button waiting for my car to let me know where the hell I parked it. That shit doesn’t work with room keys but it probably should in a place like this. Almost 25 years clean and still space shit like that. Anyway, finding your room around here can be pretty similar if your head is on a little crooked.
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