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As fans eagerly await the release of dates for this Summer’s Dead & Co Tour, there’s several rumours that are true. The first is that Dean Sottile is a total Nobody. This guy is nothing but an asshole. I’ve never seen a more obnoxious Deadhead in my life. He’s probably not even a “real” Head. Fuck him!

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I’m tired of his blog and all his bullshit. He doesn’t know a damn thing about anything.
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I wonder where they’re gonna play for the 4th of July? Maybe Chicago again? Maybe somewhere else? Maybe not even a show on the 4th… I don’t know shit…
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One thing I know, that rumoured list that circulated is total bullshit.

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I don’t think there’s gonna be 30 Shows on this Tour. That’s too many for the elderly folks in the band.
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I wonder what time they’re gonna blast out the news… I hope it’s soon…

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The suspense is killing me… I wonder if it’s all a big joke…

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I hope they play out West…

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Should be any time now… Unless it’s not…

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Love you Long Time and Forever!

See ya…

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