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A weekend that filled Terrapin Nation with more anxiety than Republicans at a Gay Pride Parade has ended with the release of complete jubilation. Fans woke up to email announcements from Dead & Company laying out their plans for Summer. For those that follow the Official Home of Unofficial Grateful Dead and Music News on Facebook, the dates were released as promised, on February 5th at 9:00 PM Pacific. I’m sorry if you were looking for them somewhere else. I’m not sure if the machine driving the experience changed the date due to the attention that was generated about the announcement or for other reasons. Regardless, the Universe saw fit to put me on a divine path with Stirfry to ensure my claim would be fulfilled on time. Davey might’ve got one over on Goliath this time. Maybe it’s the year of the underdog. Stirfry, The Broncos… This could be great news for Bernie supporters! Stirfry has carved out a place in Dead & Company lore forever!

Now that that’s over, we can all get on with the usual party that follows the announcement of more shows immediately followed by complaining about ticket prices and shit like that. The Tour looks like it was designed by bus drivers that get paid by the mile. We get to visit some of our favorite old digs like SPAC, Alpine Valley, Deer Creek and Starlake along with some different shitholes like Jiffy Lube and Camden. If our favorite musicians have shown US anything throughout the years, they’ve shown US that they can take a shithole and turn it into absolute paradise. The minor league parks where Furthur played have given way to Major League Parks like Citi Field and Fenway. That seems fitting to me personally. The current lineup is creating music that belongs in the Major Leagues. I’m fully expecting some home runs in New York and Boston.

It’s been an exciting weekend for all of US and it will be an even more exciting Summer! I will unofficially retire from future Tour announcements that precede the band’s. There’s a phony picture of a list of West Coast dates done in Sharpie that has absolutely nothing to do with me. I wouldn’t book any travel based on it.

To the masses of supporters out there, thank you! I’ll always be here for US! See ya on the road this Summer! Love you forever!

Dead To The Core,
Dean Sottile (pronounced So Tilly)

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If Dead & Company won’t release the dates, I will. I got this from a dude named Stirfry. He’s a legit motherfucker! That’s all I can tell ya… West Coast dates will be added as well to include WA, UT, AZ & CA. Nothing is official until you see it on Dead & Company’s website. I still can’t believe they rescheduled that announcement. I know, D.C. Show is actually Bristow,VA. In the meantime, stay light y’all! Don’t forget to breathe… Be kind. It’s only some dates. Love you!