20 years have passed today since you last took the stage
20 years and still we try to turn another page
20 years of wishing we could hear your voice once more
20 years of Knockin and I can’t find Heaven’s Door
20 years of yearning for another note or two
20 years of thinking what you would or wouldn’t do
20 years away is probably quicker than 20 here
20 years since your sweet sound has come across my ear
20 years seems longer when we’ve had them without you
20 years since Half Step with the Uptown Toodeloo
20 years since you last belted backup on Masterpiece
20 years since JGB and Rubin and Cherise
20 years since Comes a Time came crying out from you
20 years since we’ve been hit by the power of Your Dew
20 years we’ve searched to hear a song the way you’d play
20 years and nobody likes the truth but I’ll just say
20 years we’ve tried and tried to find the closest thing
20 years and none can touch a song the way you’d sing
20 years I’ve bought equipment trying to hear you clearer
20 years its got much louder but still not any nearer
20 years we’ve thought of you and every single day
20 years we’ve proven that this Love won’t Fade Away
20 years since we heard you say that you will walk alone
20 years I’ve wondered what I’d do if I had known
20 years is a lot of time to pass the time away
20 years and still it feels like we lost you yesterday…

Dead To The Core,


13 thoughts on “20 Years….

  1. Brian Sexton

    Dean’s writing about the Grateful Dead experience is so spot on, that I feel if someone who never had the experience, wanted to know how it was, I’d direct them to a few choice recordings, and Dean’s writings.

  2. grateful

    I grieved over Jerry as much as I did my own father, maybe even more so. Not a single day has passed in those 20 years that I haven’t thought of him.

    20 years, where does the time go? The years roll past. I thought about that a lot this weekend in Chicago, all those days between, all those worlds we’ve come, all that surviving and getting by, being on our own, feeling lost and lacking in some direction. The end was never told, but nothing to tell now.

    I still love and miss Jerry so much. Not fade away….

    Love you too grateful dean, and all of you.

  3. Passenger

    So Many Roads to ease my soul. Thank you Jerry for leaving all these songs to ease my soul. The weekend of music made me hear Jerry in the words to his songs, when before it was me and my experiences or just stories about others. The songs will forever will be in the background of my life. Thanks to Hunter for the words and Jerry for the soul. Thanks Dean for keeping the feeling alive and sharing yours and others experiences from this long strange trip. There are still so many roads to go.

  4. Geoff

    20 years and all those days between… Nailed it for me. FTW was a beautiful affirmation and lots of great music, but as much as I wanted it to, it still can’t fill that hole. I sill miss Jerry and guess I always will.

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